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BelYo is a product that’s developed by Synk Labs Pvt Ltd (www.yosync.com) and BelfricsBT Sdn Bhd (www.belfricsbt.com) for COVID19 challenge that was initiated by International Institute of Information Technology, Bangalore and supported by Mphasis Foundation grant.

Project mission:

To convert Covid-19 related physical documents to digital assets which can be retrieved by contact tracing app’s through our API’s.



The only application specific to COVID-19 in Pan India is Aarogya Sethu which is:-

  • A contact tracing application with IVRS system for smartphone and non-smart phone users respectively where individuals will self-asses by answering few questions about their recent activity which would indicate if they could be symptomatic to COVID-19
  • The app uses bluetooth and GPS data to indicate the environment around us and the possibility of coming in contact with a COVID-19 positive person
  • Other news and updates

Aarogya Sethu did serve the purpose for initial contact tracing to inform and identify citizens with COVID-19 symptoms or positive patients around them respectively. This environmental data acts as precaution for users who want to be safe and intimated of any risk around him/her. There are also many applications at state level to record details like quarantine, contact tracing, health survey, international arrivals, migrants data, etc.

Covid-19 will shortly push us from self-assessment to actual verification of data that being created by various administration process for tracing, tracking and recording Covid-19 related activities that would be verified at any point of entry in the near future.

All the test reports today or other related documents are in physical form and in multiple formats, in the future at any entry point while screening a person to verify the physical documents produced and their identity is time consuming. There is no application where such results are digitally created and shared to any 3rd party application (via API’s) which can be accessed with user consent.

To make this a seamless process there is a need for a platform like BelYo where Covid-19 test results and other related documents are created on blockchain and to be retrieved at the point of entry by contact tracing app’s using our API’s with user consent. Such results could also be colour coded to make the process faster. Eg: Tested +Ve : RED, Tested -Ve : GREEN, Never Tested : BLUE, etc.

The final documentation for Covid-19 could be vaccination record of citizens when we reach that stage, assuming this happens, then recording and retrieving such data becomes vital for any economic activity (point of entry). BelYo platform is suited to issue such vaccination digital certification.

COVID-19 Data

1. Arogya Setu (Self Assesment Data)

2. Covid-19 Testing Lab

3. Administration Process Data (Contact Tracing- Apthamitra, Quarantine Watch, Yatri Web App, Health Watch App)

4. To be Launched Vaccination Data

5. Other Related Physical Documents

Current Process

All Documents recorded are in Physical Form

  • No Digital assets
  • No API’s for 3rd Party Contract Tracing apps
  • No Digital Verification & Authentication

Long Ques with Verification and Identification

Slow Process

BelYo Platform

Convert to Digital Certificates

  • All test data retrievable through API’s
  • If needed, other administration data can also be retrieved like quarantine, health survey, etc
  • Vaccination digital data that can be retrieved at point of entry
  • Data analytics & related reports

Scan QR Code, Colors indicate the results

Fast Process

What is BelYo platform?

A platform which allows to create digital records which will be retrieved by contact tracing application through API’s. Moreover such records retrieved are with user consent and without doubting the authenticity.

Covid-19 Testing Labs

Any testing labs can issue digital certificate of test results along with the physical copy which can be retrieved by any contact tracing app’s using our API’s with user consent.

Covid-19 Related Data

Any data like quarantine details, migrant workers returning, international arrival, etc. can be recorded on blockchain through BelYo platform which can retrieved using our API’s

Vaccination Digital Records

Assuming that every citizen needs to take a vaccination in the future and those who have need to be given a certificate that can be produced at point of entry. BelYo platform is suited to issue such certifications by any agency and can be retrieved by contact tracing app’s through our API’s

We believe this platform becomes inevitable during the vaccination period to record, retrieve and analyse the data in a seamless manner at any point of entry.

A joint initiative by Belfrics & Yosync. BelYo © 2020